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Monday, 5 August 2013

Got the radio back today (Kirisun S780)

So, today the Kirisun S780 came back from repair. Took 16 days in total including postage both ways. They have actually replaced the radio rather than repaired it. I don't know why they did this, maybe they don't yet know how to repair it, or maybe it was too badly damaged. I could tell it was replaced because there was a screen protector on the screen, and the programming I put in had gone, and been replaced by the default programming.
So, in summary, I want to say I'm happy with the repair service provided by 409shop, which was fast considering it was sent all the way to China, and they even provided a tracking number on the way back to the UK. They didn't offer to pay my postage costs, but I didn't ask them to, since it was only £4.50.


  1. Hello, can you please describe the audio problem? I'm trying to figure out if it fails due to grounding of the programming cable or one of the components on the motherboard just fail. I've searched but can't get a clear answer. I have ordered a pair for testing before I found your site and now a little worried.

    I love your site by the way, very useful and informative. Keep up the good work!!
    '73, Rob

    1. Thanks for your comment Robert. The component just failed by itself. It happened after a loud noise when the volume was turned up full. There is a video of it on my youtube account as well if you want to see here:

  2. Hello, I'm trying to fix my radio, i replace amplifier for TDA2822 but sound is terrible noisy. Could someone check on my video - and maybe have any advice to help me and other people using this radio? If we could trace what else got burn than maybe we find fix for everyone.

    1. Hello, Sorry I don't know anything about how to fix this. Maybe it would be best to just send it back for repair?

    2. Thank You for answering.
      ( i already broke seal, and replace broken IC so that will void any warranty).

      No, i'm pretty sure they don't repair them just replace to new one
      It's cheaper than spend xx hours to diagnose PCB with tiny tiny components that can be placed only by machine not shaking hand ;-).

      More like that some HAM operator with better electronic skills point me idea what else might go wrong here.



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