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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Baofeng DM-5R Programming software download

I noticed that it was very difficult to find a working link to download this software since everybody else was linking to the file hosted on which they had removed. I found a working download link eventually but thought I would post a new link online so others can find it easily. If you want to provide a file for download, please host it yourself or put it on some file host instead of just linking to someone else's download!
Anyway here it is:
The link contains the software for the Baofeng DM-5R DMR radio for Windows and Mac OS.

Assuming you are here from a search engine, you might find my other posts interesting. I have a video on the DM-5R:


  1. Hi is the DM-5R programming lead the same as the UV-5R lead as I can't find a DM-5R lead for sale.

    1. Help please. I have a UV-5R with programming cable and it works fine. I just bought a DM-5R brand new and am not able to read or write to the radio with the same cable. The software times out each time and none of the leads on the cable (red or green) light with the DM-5R radio. I can program my UV-5R with CHIRP and the same cable fine. I am running Windows 10. Thank you and 73.

    2. Most likely a Driver Issue - it has been recommended to use the Vista Driver via the many searches and youtubes videos.

  2. Replies
    1. No idea. I would be surprised if there was any mac software.

  3. Just warming up, could use some pointers on how to connect, load (sources?) and configure this DM-5R with my PC for use in comms to the rest of the world

  4. Hi there if you reset the dm 5r plus will it still work with other radio or not because I did and now contact menu is now G 1 I think private call help

  5. Does this work for the Baofeng GT-3 Mark IV as well?

  6. Work very fine on my DM-5R Plus. 73 F6FLH .

  7. Hi.
    The programming software works very well. Instead, I have a strange problem, with both my two DM 5R Plus.
    I'm unable to have the squelch completely opened. I'd like to do it, when I'm waiting for the satellite passages, and then you need the receiver not silenced. I programmed all the channel and the features, I upload all into the radios and then, the radios are always mute. I tried manually to set to the value of 0 the squelch, but the result is the same.It happens even in the "frequency mode", both on A or B sections. It's impossible to have the squelch neutralized. The only way I have, is to press continuisly the little button below the PTT.
    Has anyone any idea about this problem?
    You can answer here or to my email:
    Thank you
    Giovanni I0KQB

  8. ..Oooopppsss...Sorry...I forgot to say that the two radios work very well. I tried to communicate using them. The only problem,I repeat, is the one that I mentioned over it.
    Giovanni I0KQB

  9. Anyone have any problem get the computer to read the radio. I have tried several different cables and all but hammered the cable into the side of the radio. It still gives me the 3 tries and quit.

    1. Hi Frank. I am having the same problem. My cable works fine with programming my UV-5R but not my DM-5R. What version of windows are you using? I am using Windows 10.

  10. Im having trouble getting my computer to read the radio and every time I plug up the radio to the Computer it will say USB not reganised Code 43. In the program it will not let me change the comp port and theres sometimes that it will say access violation. Any one else having this trouble?

  11. You might want to check your serial port number for your usb under Device and Comm port. I had to change the number
    by hand to get my connection to work. The drop down box will not let you select the correct port. When I changed my port number in the drop box it works fine.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Same thing happen to me.
    Here is the fix I found.
    Under Device and then Comm port... when the drop box opens it will not let you select the comm ports that your USB is connect to.
    You must change the number in the drop down window to match your port number the USB cable is connect to.
    You can edit the number in the drop box. At first I did not think I could and about drove me crazy till I found out I could edit the port number.
    After that the software worked fine.
    Hope this helps someone.

  13. CPS for the DM5R Plus wants me to enter a password? Been a while since I used the radio and I dont remember needing a password. I have tried the usual ones, like "password" "12341234" "123456" but no luck. Any ideas?

    1. I have the same problem with my dm1701. It started asking me for a password after software update. Now my radio is useless

    2. do you have all ready the password?

  14. Maybe there is a factory password or something

  15. Try this as access and a password

    ctrl + alt + shift + 5

    Password: DMR5R

  16. HI,

    I sent the password reset info in the first reply to the email address on the contact form, I am pastinig it in here as well.

    Hello Freek

    This is David with Radioddity Customer Service

    1). Locate the setting.ini file . It is in the same directory as your DM-1701 software is installed and will be labeled "setting" / It will have a picture of a gear in it.

    2). Open it with Notepad and where there is a line "password=0". Change this to "password=password" & save the change. See screen cap attached.

    3). Write a Blank codeplug generated with the new option from the file menu of the program software to radio

    4). Once that is done, Read the radio

    5). Edit the software for the correct values, and PW's, radio name, etc.

    5). Write the corrected data to the radio.

    settings.ini file example


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