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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Baofeng DM-5R Programming software download

I noticed that it was very difficult to find a working link to download this software since everybody else was linking to the file hosted on which they had removed. I found a working download link eventually but thought I would post a new link online so others can find it easily. If you want to provide a file for download, please host it yourself or put it on some file host instead of just linking to someone else's download!
Anyway here it is:
The link contains the software for the Baofeng DM-5R DMR radio for Windows and Mac OS.

Assuming you are here from a search engine, you might find my other posts interesting. I have a video on the DM-5R:


  1. Hi is the DM-5R programming lead the same as the UV-5R lead as I can't find a DM-5R lead for sale.

  2. Replies
    1. No idea. I would be surprised if there was any mac software.

  3. Just warming up, could use some pointers on how to connect, load (sources?) and configure this DM-5R with my PC for use in comms to the rest of the world

  4. Hi there if you reset the dm 5r plus will it still work with other radio or not because I did and now contact menu is now G 1 I think private call help

  5. Does this work for the Baofeng GT-3 Mark IV as well?

  6. Work very fine on my DM-5R Plus. 73 F6FLH .

  7. Hi.
    The programming software works very well. Instead, I have a strange problem, with both my two DM 5R Plus.
    I'm unable to have the squelch completely opened. I'd like to do it, when I'm waiting for the satellite passages, and then you need the receiver not silenced. I programmed all the channel and the features, I upload all into the radios and then, the radios are always mute. I tried manually to set to the value of 0 the squelch, but the result is the same.It happens even in the "frequency mode", both on A or B sections. It's impossible to have the squelch neutralized. The only way I have, is to press continuisly the little button below the PTT.
    Has anyone any idea about this problem?
    You can answer here or to my email:
    Thank you
    Giovanni I0KQB

  8. ..Oooopppsss...Sorry...I forgot to say that the two radios work very well. I tried to communicate using them. The only problem,I repeat, is the one that I mentioned over it.
    Giovanni I0KQB


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