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Saturday, 22 August 2015

TYT MD-380 Review!

I just uploaded this review today. I had been working on it for a while but not really getting anywhere, so I just decided yesterday to get it finished and render it. There is an extended version as well as the normal version. The extended version just shows me going through all the menus, so I cut it out from the full version as it's not that interesting. You can still watch that long version though if you want, there is a link in the videos description on YouTube.
If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, feel free to leave a comment on the video, or on this post.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Is the TYT MD-380 worth buying?

In the last few years, DMR has become a very popular digital voice mode on the UHF and VHF bands and this radio is the latest cheap DMR radio to come out of China. The question is, is it any good?
The answer depends on your requirements and what you expect of the radio. If you just want a radio that works (mostly) and can put up with it sometimes glitching or crashing or just doing things wrong, in return for a cheap price and a nice screen, then this radio is for you.  If you need a radio to work consistently and well, and be able to put up with outdoor weather, then this radio is not for you. That is the short and simple answer.

The longer answer is slightly more complicated, and involves discussing the difference in price between this radio and other more expensive, but higher quality, radios.

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