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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kirisun S780

I ordered the S780 today, so will be doing a very detailed review as soon as it arrives! Look out for it.

Update: Just checked the postage tracker, it has left hong kong today, 06/07/13
 A few people on the group have been complaining about them ordering 2 radios and one of them not having working audio. I'll be pretty annoyed if that happens with mine! I'm really hoping at the moment that it doesn't.

Okay the radios came today (10/07/13) and they do not have the audio problem (yet!).
I have already done a range test and have to edit it, along with an unboxing video showing what the digital audio sounds like, and the analog.
I must comment, that the analog sounds awfully muffled on transmit.
Will be uploading the videos either tomorrow or the day after.

Another update: there are now lots of videos about this radio on my youtube channel.
One of the radios has developed the audio fault and I am having to send it back to Hong Kong to be repaired/replaced.

More updates:
here is the unboxing and digital audio test


  1. Here are some pictures of the inside.

  2. Hello i saw the videos ,are you happy with the radio in general? In analogue mode? is it ok? Because i am thinking of buying one, and another latter this year.

    Thx, George

  3. My mate has just got his S780 and when he swiched it on he got POWER ON PASSWORD Do you know of a default Password or has he got to send the radio back..??? any ideas

    1. Where did he get it from? If its new it should not have any password

    2. How did you fix the problem? I have the same issue!

  4. He got it from Hong Kong ebay, he only got it sat/day and he taken it out the box and switched it on and just came up with POWER ON Password, been told from afew ppl that is a software fault,

  5. Hi folks , ,
    I purchased the radio from Radiobanker on eBay , The radio switched on fine and I looked through the menu a few times , it was probably the 4th or 5th time it was switched on when the 'power on password' request came up .


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