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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Kirisun DP770

The Kirisun DP770 is another digital radio by Kirisun, but this time, following the DMR standard.
I have made this post to collect together some information about the radio because there is not a lot available at the moment.
First you will want to look at the Kirisun website for official information such as specs:

The next thing is the only non official source of photos, which is currently this Russian website who will be selling the radios when they come out.

This radio is currently in a closed beta test, before it's release to the general public, but when it comes out, I am hoping to buy 2 radios to do a review on them. (Edit: Not anymore, see below)

I think this is going to be an excellent product for Kirisun because of all the features it has, which should allow it to compete with MOTOTRBO in the DMR market. This radio is certified to the DMR standard by the DMR association which means it will work with existing MOTOTRBO and Hytera DMR repeaters. It also has optional GPS tracking, and IP67 (water and dust proof) which I was surprised by, since appears to be such good quality for what is should be a reasonably priced radio. I just hope they do set the price low, otherwise there would be absolutely no point in anyone buying this product over a Motorola.
The design of this radio looks very similar to the Motorola DP3600, just with a bigger and better screen. I presume that Kirisun has taken some of the design from the MOTOTRBO product line, and will now be able to undercut their excessively high prices.

Update (November 2013): The price per radio is expected to be around $300 USD, not including shipping or any customs charges. I was a bit disappointed about this, since it is quite a lot once you add on shipping and import duty, you may as well buy a second hand Motorola, which you know will be good quality and you know you're not taking a gamble with.

Another Update (April 2014): I got my hands on a pair of these radios, thanks to Radio Distribution Limited, and made a review which you can see on YouTube at the links below, if you're interested.
DP770 reivew part 1
DP770 reivew part 2

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  1. Hi,
    A german company sells Kirisun DP770 DMR radios

  2. Hi, this radio is now available in the UK. Please talk you your local radio dealer and check


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