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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kydera DP-550S info and downloads

This radio does not seem to be compatible with any other dPMR radios. The reason why is unknown. If you have this radio and have got it to work with other dPMR radios please leave a comment or contact me.

Instructions for programming
For earlier radios you will need the earlier programming software. If you try one version and it doesn't work (it will give an error like "Agent id not match") then try the other one instead.

So try to read the radio first before putting any information into the codeplug. If you can't read it with the software you downloaded then use the other one.

If you get an error like this, try the other version of programming software
I also spoke to the manufacturer and asked about the vocoder. They told me that the vocoder is actually fixed in this radio and can't be changed by the user. This was quite disappointing for me because I only bought this radio to try out the different vocoders.

In the software where you see the vocoder selection box, trying to change it won't do anything. When you read the radio it will show which vocoder your radio has by having that vocoder in the box. So my radio has the AMBE+2C vocoder.
Screen showing vocoder selection box
Kydera told me that there are two versions of the radio with different vocoders, so we know that one version is with the AMBE+2C vocoder, then the other version must be with ASELP or ASELP2.

Which vocoders are possible

Programming software Version 2.5.0
Programming software Version 2.7.1

Link to this page if you want to link.  I sometimes change the download links so if you link directly to the download your link may die after some time. Also this page contains useful information for whoever wishes to program their radio, so if you link directly to the downloads, people will miss this information.

If you don't know how to open the rar files which contain the programming software, you can use the free program 7-Zip.

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