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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Baofeng UV-5S. Waterproof dual band HT programming software

I recently bought this radio to test out, and I'm quite pleased by it. It seems to work well, and I tested how waterproof it is in my video on it.

I had some trouble at first trying to program it, because I read somewhere that it is treated like a UV-5R in CHIRP. I tried this, which didn't work. I then tried the UV-5R software, and that also didn't work.

Eventually I ended up contacting the seller who I bought the radio from. They sent me the correct software by email. It turned out to be the Baofeng BF-A58 software. I also tried using this model in CHIRP, and it now works properly.

So if you want to use this radio with CHIRP, then select BF-A58 as the radio model when it asks.

Since CHIRP is currently in beta for this particular model, it may be preferable to use the manufacturer's software. for it. You can download it here. Or if you want to get CHIRP anyway, go here.

If you want to buy the radio, you can get it here:
Programming cable:

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