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Friday, 31 July 2015

TYT MD-380 Text messaging

I was wondering why the text messaging on the TYT MD-380 didn't seem to work with other DMR radios that I have. I only tried it with my Motorola DP4800 which has the option of selecting between Motorola proprietary type messages and DMR standard type messages.

I assumed the MD-380 would be using the DMR standard message type, but after some testing I found that it actually uses the Motorola proprietary type. This is strange because I doubt that the manufacturer would want to pay Motorola to use their proprietary text messaging standard when they could have just used the DMR standard one.

I also found that the compressed UDP data header has to be set to none for the Motorola radios and TYT MD-380 to work together. On the Motorola, there are two options again for the compressed UDP data header. They are the same as for text messaging: Motorola proprietary or DMR standard. I tried using both types of compressed UDP data header combined with both types of text message and neither would work with the TYT.

To get the Motorola radio to send texts to the TYT successfully, you have to set compressed UDP data header to "None" and text message type to "Proprietary". On the TYT you have to just turn off compressed UDP data header.

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