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Well, won't let me make a page for my callsign without publishing my full name for the entire internet to see. So I decided to create my own page so that this would come up when people search for my callsign on a search engine.

About 2E0KZA: My name is Ben. This is my blog, but I'm mostly known for my YouTube channel where I make videos mostly about digital voice on VHF and UHF, but sometimes other radio topics. Feel free to have a look at my YouTube by clicking here, and subscribe if you like it.

I am mostly interested in digital voice: DMR, Yaesu Fusion, dPMR, and other modes. I currently have a large collection of VHF and UHF handhelds but no mobile radios at all, and no HF equipment either. I operate exclusively on VHF and UHF, except on the rare occasion that someone else has their HF radio set up and lets me use it.

2E0KZA is my intermediate level call sign from the UK. We have 3 levels of amateur licences: foundation, intermediate and full. The second character denotes which part of the UK I'm currently in, so I'm almost always using E for England. If I travel to another part of the UK you might hear me using 2M0KZA (Scotland), 2W0KZA (Wales), 2I0KZA (Northern Ireland) or a few others.

I'm also interested in video making for YouTube so feel free to bring it up in conversation if we meet on the radio, if that's something that interests you.

If I've spoken to you on the radio then feel free to email me using the details on the contact page. You can safely ignore the stuff about not contacting me for help, as that's only there to stop random strangers online who only appear when they need something from me and disappear straight after.

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